[OS X Emacs] TeX-output-view-style in Aquamacs 2.0

Ieyasu Sugimoto ieyasu at sugimoto.at
Tue Jun 8 01:46:33 EDT 2010

Since upgrading to Aquamacs 2.0, something is wrong with the  
collaboration with AucTeX. I do not know if this is an Aquamacs  
problem or an AucTeX problem, but since I did not change anything in  
AucTeX I figure the problem is Aquamacs related.

I write a lot in LaTeX and use pstricks for graphs. For compiling I  
did set my TeX-output-view-style accordingly so that my dvi-file gets  
first converted to ps and then to pdf. In the TeX-output-view-style I  
have the command  "%(o?)dvips -Ppdf -G0 -ta4 %d -o && ps2pdf %f &&  
open -a Skim.app % s.pdf" set for files ending with dvi. This worked  
fine until Aquamacs 1.9.

However, since upgrading to Aquamacs 2.0 this string is not recognized  
anymore, Aquamacs will open the dvi straight away when I click on view  
instead of triggering the conversion and opening the pdf. pdflatex  
does not work for me as the postscript commands result in errors. I  
now perform the conversion as a separate command, which is kind of  


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