[OS X Emacs] gpg/pgp not working in 2.0

David Strozzi david.strozzi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 01:58:02 EDT 2010


Just today I got a brand new macbook pro, intel chip (of course), OS
10.6.3.  I installed Aquamacs 2.0, which I used for a while on a G4
machine.  I currently do *not* have admin access on the new machine.  So, I
cannot install into the Applications folder.  Instead I made ~/bin and put
it there.  Aquamacs seems to work fine, except I can't open a .gpg file now
(I could on the old machine).  I get an error "file exists, but cannot be
read" when I try.

The same thing happens if I remove my .emacs file.

The person who transferred my files over may have copied things from
Library/ or wherever aquamacs prefs are kept.  May be a clue.

I wonder if Aquamacs is somehow upset that it's not living in
Applications/.  I checked in Terminal, and insde the Aquamacs.app folder
there is eventually a lisp/ dir with epa things.

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