[OS X Emacs] Re: Can't Make Doc-View Work

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Mar 22 10:48:15 EDT 2010

Am 22.03.2010 um 12:29 schrieb Axel E. Retif:

>> Axel, could you test it extensively and maybe report to the  
>> original author? (I could as well. Just don't have enough code to  
>> test.)
> I will test it, but mostly I will report to the author, as your code  
> (and his) is beyond my comprehension.

My Lisp code is almost as close to a hack than my Python addition. The  
difference is that I, maybe, first thought about the right sequence of  
statements/lines and then found that it's possible to wait until the  
output file was produced before reserving a buffer and screen area for  
it. This is particularly recommended with the hacked Python script  
which leaves an old version of the PDF file which would be displayed.

Anyway, you can give the original author my eMail address.

> A second C-c C-c..., and what do you think? ---it opened the PDF in  
> DocView, in the same window in a buffer below!
> I just tested it in Mac OS (launching Emacs with -q), and it's the  
> same ---it opens the PDF in DocView!

DocView was integrated, I think, into GNU Emacs 23.1. Before it was  
available for some long time in the CVS/developer versions 23.0.x to  
find bugs. It's no wonder that it was adopted for standard TeX-mode.  
The same what you saw with PDF output would also happen with DVI  
output. I've seen this before.

BTW, what you call the "window" is in GNU Emacs speak a "frame,"  
"windows" are the buffers inside a frame.

> I think this is wonderful news when one is typesetting in a laptop!

Or Netbook!

The DocView is a bit crude, though...



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