[OS X Emacs] Re: Can't Make Doc-View Work

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Tue Mar 23 06:48:16 EDT 2010

On  22 Mar, 2010, at 08:48, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 22.03.2010 um 12:29 schrieb Axel E. Retif:
>>> Axel, could you test it extensively and maybe report to the original author? (I could as well. Just don't have enough code to test.)
>> I will test it, but mostly I will report to the author, as your code (and his) is beyond my comprehension.
> [...]
> Anyway, you can give the original author my eMail address.

Already done.

> [...]
> BTW, what you call the "window" is in GNU Emacs speak a "frame," "windows" are the buffers inside a frame.

Oh, yes, thank you! I'll remember that.

>> I think this is wonderful news when one is typesetting in a laptop!
> Or Netbook!

I *really* hope I don't have to!



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