[OS X Emacs] faster aquamacs ?

Andrew Sullivan ajs at shinkuro.com
Tue Nov 30 13:40:45 EST 2010

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 07:29:42PM +0100, Peter Dyballa wrote:
> Maybe iTerm is some MS- or Apple-like application that hopes its users  
> stays dumb as ... (fill in something appropriate) and sets a particular 
> behaviour, for example that to send all the processes with it as parent a 
> HUP signal.

This has nothing to do with iTerm.  On my various unix boxes, killing
the xterm whence emacs was called calls emacs too, if you started
emacs from the command line.  

(I have no opinion on what is reasonable behaviour here.  I'm just
observing what the behaviour of deployed systems is.)


Andrew Sullivan
ajs at shinkuro.com
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