[OS X Emacs] mapping for meta key…

K. Richard Pixley rich at noir.com
Sun Oct 3 20:02:16 EDT 2010

> On Oct 3, 2010, at 6:33 PM, K. Richard Pixley wrote:
>> The reason they aren't simple is that they're hidden.  One needs to know where to look to find them or one needs to write to you on a mailing list.
> The manual has a section "Aquamacs for Emacs Veterans".  It comes with Aquamacs.
> The section points to the compatibility settings in the Wiki, which in turn contains the osx-key-mode command.
> We could probably point that out directly in the manual, but very few people use Aquamacs without osx-key-mode.
That's a string of four references to get to the info.  I quit reading 
at about one paragraph because by that time it was clear that whoever 
was documenting didn't have my needs in mind.

Yes, having them documented is important.  That's certainly better than 
not having them documented.  However, the user experience should be 
considerably simpler.  It should be a no brainer for previous emacs 
users to use aquamacs.  It shouldn't require several hours of reading 
just to figure out how to do basic things like move forward a sentence.


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