[OS X Emacs] getting skim to work as default viewer

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 15:48:52 EDT 2010


On Oct 22, 2010, at 3:04 PM, Christopher Menzel wrote:
> Well, then I must not be terribly bright or we understand different things by "very easy". :-)  I have gone through this thread and I think I've found the instructions in question from Konrad (not Nathaniel, as a follow-up pointed out) here:
>  http://old.nabble.com/Aquamacs-and-new-Auctex-11.86-td28261475.html

> Am I to understand that I need to go in and make those changes to tex.el?  

The answer is a clear No. ;-)

You're referring to a discussion among Aquamacs developers, which took place on the Aquamacs developer's mailing list.

You're very welcome to start hacking the Aquamacs/Emacs/AUCTeX internals, but I'm not under the impression that you wanted to do more than just to make Skim and Aquamacs work together.

> but somehow it seems to me that things should indeed be easier.

Skim should be used automatically whenever it is already running.  So you just run Skim.

If you want to automatically start Skim and Skim only, then that should be possible, too.

But the AUCTeX customization interface is complicated (that is up to the AUCTeX team to address), so I can't tell you how without looking into the code.  The relevant portions of this are in the Aquamacs/Emacs customize interface (e.g., LaTeX->Customize->Browse Options, then: TeX Command, TeX View, TeX View Program Selection).

I'll leave it to Konrad to give an authoritative answer as to how to most easily switch it to use Skim unconditionally.   IIRC, we thought there would be an easy way to do this.

- D

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