[OS X Emacs] Re: one-buffer-one-frame-mode strangeness with Spaces

Ted Middleton middleton.ted at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 17:45:28 EDT 2010

I think I sent this before I was subscribed to this list, so I'm sending it
again. My apologies if anyone gets it twice.

Did anyone look at this bug reported back in Oct 2009?


I think the poster of this problem might have mis-typed - it's clearly a
problem with one-buffer-one-frame-mode turned ON, not OFF, and I'm seeing
exactly the same problem with the current stable Aquamacs nightly build (

If you have one-buffer-one-frame-mode turned on (which I think you really
have to do if you're using aquamacs with Spaces) then as the bug states, for
some reason this prompts OS X to switch spaces. It makes aquamacs nearly
unusable with Spaces. In fact, once, I loaded a new file in aquamacs in a
second space and aquamacs kept pushing me back to the original space -
almost as if the new aquamacs frame was insisting on handing the focus back
to the original frame. I had to force-quit aquamacs to get access to that
space again.

Is there a work-around or a quick fix for this? If not, does anyone know
where the code is that handles frame-focus transitions and creating
attaching new frames to existing aquamacs instances? I've built regular
emacs 23 on my system but it behaves very differently - it actually creates
separate emacs processes. I'd be willing to look at this myself, but I'm not
sure where to start.
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