[OS X Emacs] Re: one-buffer-one-frame-mode strangeness with Spaces

Rosanne Zeiler rosanne.zeiler at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 04:06:41 EDT 2010

  Hi all,

This may be related to this problem. I very often have multiple frames 
of aquamacs open in several spaces (some with multiple tabs). One of the 
problems I have is that using cmd ` switches only between two aquamacs 
frames, even though there are more than two open in one space. (cmd 
shift ` seems to switch between just two frames in different spaces). 
The other problem is that when I close an aquamacs frame the space 
switches automatically to another space where there is an open aquamacs 
frame. I haven't had time to check these things with the debug version, 
but this seems to suggest that the spaces thing is not neccesairily 
linked to the one-buffer-one-frame-mode.


On 26/10/2010 05:45, Paul Rathouz wrote:
> Hi All --
> I have this same problem.  Contrary to the first post by Ted, and 
> consistent with the older 2009 post he found, I have 
> 'one-buffer-one-frame' turned off (i.e., 'Show Buffers in New Frames' 
> is not checked).  It would be great if a fix for this could be found!  
> -- pr
> On Mon, 25 Oct 2010, Ted Middleton wrote:
>> On Oct 25, 2010, at 5:45 PM, Ted Middleton wrote:
>>>> If you have one-buffer-one-frame-mode turned on (which I think you 
>>>> really have to do if you're using aquamacs with Spaces) then as the 
>>>> bug states, for some reason this prompts OS X to switch spaces. It 
>>>> makes aquamacs nearly unusable with Spaces.
>>> Have you tried the current development version (nightly build of 
>>> master branch)?
>> I think so - is that not the tarball at this address?
>> http://braeburn.aquamacs.org/~dr/Aquamacs/Aquamacs-nightly.tar.bz2
>> At any rate, I just did a git-clone of aquamacs-emacs and built HEAD
>> of master, and it still has this problem.
>>>> Is there a work-around or a quick fix for this? If not, does anyone 
>>>> know where the code is that handles frame-focus transitions and 
>>>> creating attaching new frames to existing aquamacs instances? I've 
>>>> built regular emacs 23 on my system but it behaves very differently 
>>>> - it actually creates separate emacs processes. I'd be willing to 
>>>> look at this myself, but I'm not sure where to start.
>>> I'm not sure if we agree on what "process" and "aquamacs instance" 
>>> mean.  Can you elaborate?
>> Sorry - I'll explain.
>> Say I have some number of Spaces open, say 9, and I have a Terminal
>> command line in Space 4 and another one in Space 7. Also say that I
>> built both the HEAD of aquamacs and the HEAD of emacs23 on Savannah
>> and I have both of these installed in my Applications directory.
>> Furthermore, say that I've installed the command line tool 'aquamacs'
>> in my path somewhere and that I have a similar symlink for emacs 23,
>> maybe in /usr/local/bin, called emacs23.
>> In Space 4 I type 'aquamacs somefile.txt' and it opens aquamacs with
>> the somefile.txt file in a buffer. In Space 4 I type 'emacs23
>> somefile.txt' and similarly it opens emacs 23 with the somefile.txt
>> file in a buffer.
>> Then, I switch to Space 7. In Space 7 I type 'aquamacs otherfile.txt'.
>> A new frame (NSWindow?) for aquamacs opens in Space 7 with
>> otherfile.txt in a buffer. BUT, for some reason (I think because
>> there's code that shifts focus around between NSWindows), Spaces
>> decides to switch back to Space 4, where nothing is happening - the
>> first NSWindow of aquamacs is still sitting there with somefile.txt in
>> its buffer. Switching back to Space 7, I can see that the second
>> NSWindow for aquamacs is open with otherfile.txt.
>> In Space 7, if I type 'emacs23 otherfile.txt', a new frame/NSWindow
>> for emacs 23 is created in Space 7 much like aquamacs, but without a
>> Spaces switch to Space 4. Looking more closely, we can see that this
>> has actually created a new emacs23 process (complete with an 'Emacs'
>> entry in top). They have separate menu bars, and aren't aware of each
>> other's buffers or state as far as I can tell. This definitely isn't
>> what I wanted, and is only of interest to me because I wanted to know
>> whether emacs 23 did the same mysterious Spaces switch, which it
>> doesn't, probably because it doesn't even track a single process for
>> different command-line invocations?
>> So the 'bug' here is the Spaces switch when invoking aquamacs on the
>> command line a second time in a different Space.
>> BTW - I don't seem to be receiving emails on this list - my settings
>> seem to be ok, but I had to respond to your email out of the archives.
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