[OS X Emacs] On Aquamacs 2.2, preview-latex images go to pdf, and not to screen

Michael Braun braunm at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 6 10:14:48 EDT 2011

Hi!  I just installed Aquamacs 2.2, and I'm having a problem with the preview-latex images.  Whenever I do a C-c C-p C-d (or similar), all of the preview images end up in a single pdf file, as opposed to being displayed in the document.  In this pdf file, each separate image is it's own, tightly cropped page.  At the end of the latex output, I do see:

Preview-LaTeX exited as expected with code 1 at Tue Apr  5 16:51:28
LaTeX: LaTeX found no preview images

but there are no images embedded in the Aquamacs display.

I am sure there is a variable or configuration file that needs to be modified, but I've gone through the auctex and preview-latex documentation, as well as the mailing lists, and I have no idea where to start debugging.

Any ideas?


Michael Braun

Michael Braun
Homer A. Burnell (1928) Career Development Professor, 
	and Assistant Professor of Management Science (Marketing Group)
MIT Sloan School of Management
100 Main St.., E62-535
Cambridge, MA 02139
braunm at mit.edu

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