[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs opens but nothing happens, will not quit

Nathaniel Beck nathaniel.beck at nyu.edu
Tue Apr 26 15:36:17 EDT 2011


Disaster. Today (Tues)) when I went to open Aquamacs (2.2)I see the basic menu but nothing happens when I click on anything (either open a new buffer or trying to move to a buffer listed in Window or ANYTHING else). Then i cannot quit without do a force quit. I have restarted, reloaded A 2.2 and still nothing. I cannot recollect doing anything between yesterday  and today that would have changed anything.

Any thoughts from anyone?


Nathaniel Beck
Prof., Dept. of Politics. NYU
19 W. 4th St., 2nd Floor
NY NY 10012
nathaniel.beck at nyu.edu

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