[OS X Emacs] Using Ctrl key for CUA operations

Doug Kramer doog at google.com
Sun Apr 24 23:28:02 EDT 2011

I'm a happy Aquamacs user.  However, I would like to add this functionality:

Ctrl-C  Copy
Ctrl-V  Paste
Ctrl-Z  Undo

I don't want to change the comparable Cmd keys.  It's just that I sometimes
forget to use Cmd, so I would like Ctrl to just work.  I don't use Ctrl-C
for anything else.

I tried this, but get "void varible map" error:

(define-key map "\C-c" 'cua-copy-region)

I would also like the following to work when a selection exists, but also
allow Ctrl-X to work as usual when no selection exists (such as for Ctrl-X

Ctrl-X  Cut

This works fine on gnu emacs.

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