[OS X Emacs] Upgrading ESS

Ken Williams ken.williams at thomsonreuters.com
Fri Apr 29 12:22:01 EDT 2011

Hi, I'm trying to upgrade ESS (http://ess.r-project.org/) to version 5.13 
from the version 5.3.6 that seems to be included in Aquamacs.

I found some snafus though.  I changed the ESS distribution's 
'Makeconf' file to look like this:

DESTDIR="/Library/Application Support/Aquamacs Emacs"

And a simple 'make install' doesn't work - it complains about 
missing 'ess.dvi' files, and has "permission-denied" trouble writing 
files in LISPDIR.

What I've found that works is to do the following sequence:

  make clean
  cd doc; make; cd ..
  rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Aquamacs\ Emacs/*
  make install

Obviously, be careful with the 'rm -rf' step!  I didn't have anything 
else in that directory so I didn't mind wiping it out a few times 
over & over.

Hopes this helps someone else.


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