[OS X Emacs] cursor visibility in Aquamacs 2.3

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 14:32:11 EDT 2011

How do users feel about the rendering of the bar cursor in Aquamacs 2.3?
It used to be shown on top of the letters (glyphs), now it gives priority to the letters by staying behind them.  (See the message below.)

Richard, the quick answer is that you can always undo the change locally (look it up in the Git changelog, then "git revert" and recompile).
You could even implement a simple way of configuring it using a lisp variable. This takes some Emacs C programming skills (copy&paste, mostly).

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On Aug 1, 2011, at 1:41 PM, Richard Mavis wrote:

> Hey David. Thanks for the reply. I'm not trying to stress that this is a major issue, because it's really very minor and superficial. But I've very recently compiled a list of my favorite features in a text editor and a clearly visible cursor was high on that list -- thanks to Aquamacs, which was my first experience with a cursor that was not a one-pixel wide blinking annoyance. Compared, the wider steady red cursor feels like a superhero.
> Anyway, I don't think I've changed my fonts or colors from the default, so it's black Monaco at 11pt on white. The current line highlight is the default green, the cursor of course red. The cursor only becomes more difficult to see when it is in front of a letter with an ascender or descender or a capital, like a b or a p or an M. Being red on green, it isn't too difficult to locate, but, say, against an M, it only stands out by a couple pixels on top and bottom. The text visibility is not greatly increased, since the cursor and up-stoke of the M are the same widths, and the majority of the cursor now hides behind the letter and its visibility is greatly decreased. Maybe it's just me but the slightly reduced text visibility seems worth the greater cursor visibility.
> Of course at larger sizes this isn't as much of an issue.
> And I still think Aquamacs is the best editor available on the Mac -- which might make it the best editor on the planet -- but if it's possible to revert this particular change, I would really appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Richard Mavis

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