[OS X Emacs] Paste of Umlaut-characters from PDF in Preview: shifted dots?

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Sun Aug 7 09:04:51 EDT 2011


I have just found a problem with Aquamacs 2.3a which I can reproduce in this way: open the attached PDF file "umlaute.pdf" (a minimum text with just a few characters) with Preview 5.0.3 (the Mac's default PDF viewer) on Snow Leopard (10.6.8), then copy the text to the clipboard and insert it in Aquamacs (Edit: Paste). The effect is visible in the attached screenshot "screenshot-umlaut-bug.png": the Umlaut (diaeresis) "dots" appear not where they belong (above a certain character) but shifted to the left. Pasting from the clipboard to Mail or other Mac programs works as expected when the Umlaut-characters are copied in Preview.

I do not know whether this behaviour also occured with earlier versions of Aquamacs, the problem appears at least with Text-Mode, Lisp-Mode and Org-Mode. I have only observed this problem when transferring text with Umlaut-characters from PDF files opened with Preview - using Acrobat 9.4.5 Pro works fine so the problem seems to be related to Preview's use of the clipboard and/or Aquamacs/Emacs interpreting it in an unsuitable manner.

Many thanks in advance.
Warm regards,
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