[OS X Emacs] emacsclient with aquamacs: error opening socket

Jack Repenning jrepenning at collab.net
Wed Jan 5 17:44:03 EST 2011

OK, I'm officially baffled.

On Jan 5, 2011, at 11:23 AM, Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) wrote:

> emacsclient: error accessing server file "/Users/oz/.emacs.d/server"
> That file is a socket, and appears to match what the server is creating (if I delete it and then launch Aquamacs or run server-start in a running Aquamacs, it reappears).

That directory (.emacs.d) is empty on my system. If I delete the directory and launch Aquamacs, the directory gets recreated, but I never actually see the pipe file inside, and the mod DTM on the directory never changes (which I think it would, if the pipefile were created even momentarily).

How do you launch Aquamacs? I either launch it as a Startup Item, or during tests like these, from the Dock.

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