[OS X Emacs] dark background = lost cursor

siemsen at ucar.edu siemsen at ucar.edu
Thu Jul 28 16:37:11 EDT 2011

I've posted about this before.  I'm hoping for some fresh insight.

I like my windows to have light text on a dark background.  I don't like staring into a bright light all day long.  I've customized Aquamacs and other apps to use dark backgrounds.  I've been happy with this choice for *many* years.  The problem is that the mouse cursor is very hard to see against the dark background.  I am not talking about the Emacs cursor, which shows where "point" is, and is easy to customize and see in Aquamacs.  I'm talking about the "I-beam" mouse cursor that follows the mouse.  The one that changes shape as you move over different apps.  In Aquamacs, it's a grey "I-beam", which is very hard to see against the dark background, making selection of text with the mouse difficult. I'd like te set the color of that cursor to white, so that I can see it.

This problem isn't specific to Aquamacs, it happens in Terminal, Safari and XCode windows.  I've found several other posts about it in Mac-oriented mailing lists, and even apps that claim to solve it, but nothing seems to work.  I just live with it.  Any help appreciated.

-- Pete

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