[OS X Emacs] Newer version of JDEE?

Dudley Brooks dbrooks at runforyourlife.org
Fri Jul 29 18:57:40 EDT 2011

For Java support, the Aquamacs Help says to install JDEE from 
aquamacs.org/download.shtml.  But that page says that the JDEE they 
point to is only for Aquamacs up through 1.7 and to "wait for a newer 
version" for 2.x.

Newer than, I assume, since that's the JDEE package available on 
that page.  How much newer?  2.3.6?  2.4?  3.x?

And I haven't found where the JDEE website lists the current version 
number.  All I find is a download file named e-lib1.0.zip

Is this the version we need?  Or is the new one and the Aquamacs 
website just hasn't updated the instructions about waiting for a newer 
one?  Or, if neither of the above, does anyone know when we can expect 
the new version, and how we can find out about it?



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