[OS X Emacs] Newer version of JDEE?

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 20:15:37 EDT 2011

On Jul 29, 2011, at 6:57 PM, Dudley Brooks wrote:

> For Java support, the Aquamacs Help says to install JDEE from aquamacs.org/download.shtml.  But that page says that the JDEE they point to is only for Aquamacs up through 1.7 and to "wait for a newer version" for 2.x.
> Newer than, I assume, since that's the JDEE package available on that page.  How much newer?  2.3.6?  2.4?  3.x?

I'm afraid the JDEE plugin for Aquamacs does not have a maintainer right now.  I tried to find one a little more than a year ago, but didn't succeed.  This is why there is no new plugin.  

Aquamacs (source code) comes with a "make-jdee" script, which shows that building JDEE shouldn't be difficult.
The problem with Aquamacs 2.x compatibility was that JDEE required the CEDET package, which came with the plugin.  Aquamacs 2.x has CEDET included, so one would have to check compatibility and not include CEDET in the plugin.  Other than that, I don't see why it shouldn't work.

There's also a shell script out there that downloads and installs a number of packages.  This will probably have to be updated to be useable (and one wants to exclude CEDET):  http://wttools.sourceforge.net/emacs-stuff/package.html#install-jdee

If you install it successfully with Aquamacs 2.3 or 3.x, let us know.  If we package it in a script, we could easily build a new JDEE Plugin!

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