[OS X Emacs] Re: Aquamacs(mac) + remote emacsclient(linux)?

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Tue Sep 13 08:28:00 EDT 2011

Jack Repenning wrote:
> Sorry, I've found plenty of partial answers in the dox and on the web, but I can't quite thread them all together. Is there a way?
> I want to 
>  - run Aquamacs on my "local" computer, the one with the keyboard and display
>  - and run emacs-server there inside
>  - open a local Terminal window
>  - ssh to the "remote" computer, and run something-like-emacsclient with no doubt some command args voodoo
>  - which connects back from the "remote" computer to my emacs-server
>  - causing it to use a Tramp URL to access the actual file
> I've figured out how to drive Tramp appropriately, that part's working. But the emacsclient (--version 21.4) on the "remote" system, where the files are but no display, doesn't seem to speak network-ese:
>>> emacsclient --help
>> Usage: emacsclient [-a ALTERNATE-EDITOR] [-n] [--no-wait] [+LINE[:COLUMN]] FILENAME
>> Or emacsclient --version
>> Report bugs to bug-gnu-emacs at gnu.org.
> And some of the web-found hints depend on X11, which of course, since I'm using Aquamacs, is no help, right?
> -==-
> Jack Repenning

Hi Jack:

I tried to get this to work for a while.  But, I finally gave up
and I use sshfs.  However, I don't know if sshfs is available for
Lion yet.


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