[OS X Emacs] Re: problems updating org-mode on Aquamacs

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Tue Feb 14 15:09:33 EST 2012

> Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 00:57:54 -0500
> From: Peter Salazar <cycleofsong at gmail.com>
> Subject: [OS X Emacs] problems updating org-mode on Aquamacs
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> I'm running Aquamacs, which I downloaded as a .dmg and installed. It comes
> with org-mode 6.33 or thereabouts. I'm trying to get a current version of
> org-mode.
> I downloaded org-mode 7.8.03, did a setq load-path (cons to the org
> directory, then used the package manager to install org from within
> Aquamacs. I can verify that org now states its version as 7.8.03.
> But now whenever I save a file or open a new one, I get spinning rainbow
> pinwheel of death. Do I have to compile the package somehow?
> I downloaded org-mode again and followed the instructions to do "make" and
> "make install," but it didn't have any effect. Still pinwheel.
> So I tried downloading the Aquamacs binary and compiling that instead, but
> I couldn't get it to work. Every time I try to compile Aquamacs using make
> or /.build-aquamacs, it gets stuck on:
> Compiling
> /Applications/aquamacs-emacs-binary/lisp/international/ucs-normalize.el
> All I want is to run Aquamacs with a recent version of org-mode... with
> enough speed that I don't have to wait ten seconds every time I open a new
> file!
> Any thoughts? Thanks for any help.

I have been running org-mode from git under Aquamacs for ages now.  I am
not able to determine from what you say above what might be going wrong.

What I do is:

1. pull the aquamacs source from git
2. build with 'make all'.  Note that to do this I had to mess with the
   Makefile to get it to find Aquamacs and use its byte compiler. [I won-
   der if your bug is from getting some other emacs's byte-compiler on
   your mac when you run the makefile...]
3. I doubt that `make install` will do anything great with Aquamacs 
   (but I might be wrong).  Instead, what I do is mess with the emacs 
   load-path in order to get it to load my org-mode library instead of 
   the one that comes with Aquamacs.  In my .emacs, I do:

(add-to-list 'load-path (concat my-emacs-directory "org-mode/lisp"))
(add-to-list 'load-path (concat my-emacs-directory "org-mode/contrib/lisp"))

[You will see that I have defined my-emacs-directory first...]

This is old-school -- I do this in my emacs config files rather than using 
customize, since I use emacs on multiple machines and operating systems. For
more conventional uses there may be an approach using customize that achieves
the same as the above, but does the right thing.

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