[OS X Emacs] eps graphics with Emacs and MacTeX

Peter Geelan-Small peter.geelan-small at sydney.edu.au
Thu Feb 16 17:23:06 EST 2012

G'day, Everyone.

I've recently been moving from Microsoft Windows (XP) to Mac (OX 10.6.8). I have a document that includes some plots in eps format with Greek letters on the legend and axes. These plots came out properly in Windows with Emacs and MikTeX using psfrag tags in the LaTeX code (see below).

I ran the same document on the Mac with Emacs (and TeXworks) and MacTeX 2011 and the Greek letters appear as Roman letters.

The basic code I've used for one of these figures is (n needs to be nu and f phi)

\psfrag{n}[b][0.5]{\scriptsize $\mspace{-20mu} \nu = 1$}
\psfrag{f 1}[l][2]{$\mspace{-22mu}\phi = 1$}
\psfrag{f 2}[l][0.5]{$\mspace{-24mu}\phi = 2$}
\psfrag{f 3}[l][0.5]{$\mspace{-24mu}\phi = 3$}
\includegraphics[width = 0.65\linewidth]{matern_nu_const.eps}  \\
\caption{Correlation function}

I've had a look online for some pointers and got a lead on the pstools package but haven't been able to get things right. Could someone give me a hand to get this sorted out, please?


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