[OS X Emacs] sending e-mail through Aquamacs?

Art Werschulz agw at comcast.net
Tue Feb 28 21:45:35 EST 2012


On Feb 28, 2012, at 4:08 PM, Peter Salazar wrote:

> Is there an easy way to send e-mail through Aquamacs? 
> I don't need to configure a whole e-mail reader to send and receive all my e-mail. I'm not looking for a substitute for Gmail. In fact, I don't need the ability to receive and read e-mail at all. 
> But if I could configure Aquamacs so that I could send the contents of a buffer to an e-mail address without leaving Emacs—with a command like "org-send-buffer-as-email" or something—that would be great. 
> Is this possible/easy? 

If you're running sendmail on your Mac, then mail-mode (M-x mail-mode) should work without any further fuss on your part.  OTOH, if you're using (e.g.) Gmail, then you'll need to play around a bit to get emacs to work with same; do a Google search on "emacs mail-mode gmail" for starters.	

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