[OS X Emacs] grep/PowerPC? Mac OS X lion? Xcode?

Juan M. Restrepo juan.m.restrepo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 12:18:47 EST 2012

Yep! confusion reigns...

I am running aquamacs, lion os x, on a macbook pro.
When I fire up aquamacs from the finder I get 13 finder error messages that
"You can't open the application grep because PowerPC applications are no
longer supported"
after I shut down all of the complaints (click ok), aquamacs seems to be
working ok, at least
in programming c, fortran, matlab, TeX, etc,  even running grep.

Anyone experience this sort of thing?

Coincidentally I updated my Xcode distribution as well as FinkCommander...

 Any ideas for me to try? I know that the obvious first step is to remove
Xcode and
FinkCommander to see what happens, but perhaps someone has a less time
consuming idea for a solution
to this problem...

thanks, in advance,

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