[OS X Emacs] Small tip on Aquamacs spell checking when some words in foreign language are not highlighted

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Thu Jan 5 05:13:04 EST 2012


I just wrote the following email to ask for help, but as I wrote it I figured out what was going on so I thought I could share it here.

I'm using Aquamacs 2.4 on Lion. I have flyspell enabled and I chose to use the French dictionary and spell check as I type. Unfortunately words in English which do not exist in French are not highlighted. I've tried typing words in German and Italian, and those are also no highlighted as incorrect.

Digging a little bit, I found that if I do "Edit -> Show spelling panel" I can change the language from "automatic" to "French", and then things get correctly highlighted.

Maybe Aquamacs should change the setting from "automatic" to the language chosen when doing a "M-x ispell-change-dictionary".


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