[OS X Emacs] What does Aquamacs do for previews besides patch gs flags in preview-mode.el?

Dan Maftei ninestraycats at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 18:53:31 EDT 2012

I have a preview-latex problem in my non-Aquamacs emacs distro and since
Aquamacs does previews perfectly I am wondering what fixes it uses. It's a
long shot, but I've posted to the Auctex mailing list and stackoverflow
with no luck.

In short, .png files are being generated (inside the .prv folder) but in
the buffer they appear as small white boxes. emacs has .png support.

I've tried the auctex files from Aquamacs.app, the latest development
version, and the latest stable version (11.86) with this notorious
patch<https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=646632>to gs (not
coincidentally, the preview-mode.el file which comes bundled
with Aquamacs.app is identical to the patched stable version).

This is emacs 24.1.1, gs 9.05, running under X on OS X 10.7. Presumably
this is an X11 problem on OS X, and I tried the latest Xquartz (2.7.2)
which didn't fix the problem.

So, what does Aquamacs do to get previews working, besides changing the gs
flags through the patch to preview-mode.el?

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