[OS X Emacs] minibuffer

Roland Thiers roland.thiers at canl.nc
Sat Oct 13 15:23:10 EDT 2012

> Bonjour,
> I use aquamacs 2.4 on Macbook 10.5.8. (intel) and it works very well.
> There is however a problem I can't solve :
> If I do M-x Shell command : texdoc --list dcolumn (or some other  
> package)
> the different choices (4) are displayed in the minibuffer but the  
> cursor
> is not in the minibuffer so I can't access to the choice.
> Same if I start aquamacs without customizations.
> If I do the same in the terminal, no problem.
> Thanks for any help,
> Roland Thiers

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