[OS X Emacs] default font changed in Aquamacs 2.5

Jamie Taylor Jamie.Taylor at pobox.com
Sun Jun 23 19:57:40 EDT 2013

The default fixed-width font appears to have changed from 
Monaco in Aquamacs 2.4 to Menlo in Aquamacs 2.5.  (Specifically,
I just checked this by starting without customizations via
the help menu item and opening my .emacs in versions 2.4 and 2.5.)

This change isn't mentioned in the changelog, but I don't know
whether the bug is that the default has changed, or that the
changelog is incomplete.  If it's the later then I'm sure I can
figure out the customization to change it back, although if anyone
wants to save me the effort by giving me the line to put in my
.emacs or Preferences.el or whereever then I'd appreciate it.

This wouldn't be quite so annoying to me if it didn't also expose
an issue where the highlighting of matched parens sometimes causes
the line of text to be one pixel taller (thus making the screen shift
around as the cursor moves around).  I've narrowed that problem
to be something involving my color theme (or possibly color-theme in
general),  Does this behavior sound familiar to anyone?


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