[OS X Emacs] emas wiki mode?

Pete Siemsen siemsen at ucar.edu
Tue Dec 2 18:31:18 EST 2014

I've been using Aquamacs and Emacs for years to maintain a personal web. I
edit HTML files in HTML mode. This works, but I want more of a personal
Wiki, so I don't have to work so hard to maintain links. I don't like the
commercial Wiki we use at work (Confluence) because it doesn't support even
basic Emacs keystrokes.

Sorry to put noise on the Aquamacs list, but is there an
Aquamacs-compatible solution for this? I Google'd a bit and found
EmacsWikiMode, but that seems to have been abandoned in 2008.

Just wondering what other Emacs people do.

-- Pete
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