[OS X Emacs] emas wiki mode?

Juergen Fenn schneeschmelze at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 2 18:49:51 EST 2014

2014-12-03 0:31 GMT+01:00 Pete Siemsen <siemsen at ucar.edu>:
> I've been using Aquamacs and Emacs for years to maintain a personal web. I
> edit HTML files in HTML mode. This works, but I want more of a personal
> Wiki, so I don't have to work so hard to maintain links. I don't like the
> commercial Wiki we use at work (Confluence) because it doesn't support even
> basic Emacs keystrokes.
> Sorry to put noise on the Aquamacs list, but is there an Aquamacs-compatible
> solution for this? I Google'd a bit and found EmacsWikiMode, but that seems
> to have been abandoned in 2008.
> Just wondering what other Emacs people do.

You are probably looking for a publishing tool like org-mode or Emacs
muse. Org-mode is part of Aquamacs and comes with HTML export, while
muse seems not to have been maintained for quite a while. According to
the org-mode manual you can even create and upload complete web
projects. Another way to do this is to write your project in Markdown
and convert it to HTML with Pandoc. I've been told on the Pandoc list
once that there is even a solution for creating an RSS feed if you
want to blog. You could also write your website as a LaTeX document
and convert it to HTML with TeX4ht. I have not switched to any such
solution so far and keep writing single HTML files as in the old days
because I want to keep my personal website as simple as possible. The
simplest solution is indeed Emacs and HTML mode, as you already said
in the beginning.

Hope this helps.


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