[OS X Emacs] iESS problem with aquamacs 3

M A markoilcan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 16:05:17 EST 2014

I just upgraded to aquamacs 3 and have encountered a problem when using
inferior ESS mode. In particular when I'm entering a command at the prompt,
if I hit the left arrow key, the point moves to the beginning of the line
rather than back a single character. This behavior occurs because I have
global-hl-line-mode set to true in my customization file. If I disable this
customization I get the expected behavior of moving left a single
character. This problem only seems to occur in iESS. I notice that the left
arrow key is bound to aquamacs-left-char rather than backwards-char, so I
suppose the problem is here, though I don't understand why this only
happens in iESS. Can anyone come up with a suggested fix?

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