[OS X Emacs] hook for LaTeX mode

Stephen Anderson sra at yale.edu
Thu Mar 20 16:32:31 EDT 2014

My apologies for what is probably a silly question.  Years ago I spent a fair amount of time fiddling with elisp, and I have a rather elaborate .emacs file that I haven’t touched (or even looked at) in a long, long time.  But I discover that in the current version of Aquamacs, something has changed and I need to figure out how to restore that behavior I worked out long ago.

I mostly use Aquamacs to edit LaTeX files.  My .emacs file tries to set LaTeX-mode-hook as follows:

(add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook '(lambda ()
			      (TeX-fold-mode 1)
			      (setq ispell-parser 'tex)

But now I find that my LaTeX files are opened in LaTeX/PS-mode, which doesn’t invoke that hook.  In particular, (flyspell-mode) is no longer enabled, nor any of the others.

It’s fairly obvious that lots of the structure of AUC-TeX and its friends has changed since I last looked, and it’s dangerous for me to just jump in and dump a lot of old elisp into the new environment.  So I would appreciate it if someone could give me a nice, mindless way to restore the old behavior.

Thanks in Advance,


Steve Anderson

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