[OS X Emacs] 24.3.50;

Elliott Roper elliott at yrl.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 12:14:48 EDT 2014

On 25 Mar 2014, at 14:20, David Reitter <david.reitter at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mar 25, 2014, at 9:03 AM, DAVID HODGKINSON <davehodg at me.com> wrote:
>> On an shiny new MacBook Air, I can’t enter a # with alt-3!
> Welcome to Aquamacs.
> Option key is Meta in Emacs.
> Go to the Options menu to change the setting.
I solved that problem by changing my keyboard language to Australian in Mac's System Prefs. # is then shift-3

The bad news is that loses the £. Flick your input mode to latin-1-prefix with C-\ and type ~$ for your £ sign. It works if you do more programming than finance.

Elliott Roper

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