[OS X Emacs] Mysterious Autosave Link?

hosack at alumni.caltech.edu hosack at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue May 20 12:57:59 EDT 2014


During a mac sleep I lost power, and after a reboot the most
recent portion of an  Aquamacs file was missing.
In the directory a "ls -alt" showed a new link:
	.#file_name.txt -> john at johns-mac-mini.200
Hoping that this might contain the most recent file additions,
I tried to access the file with editors and "cat", but all failed with
messages such as "no such file"  or "cannot be found".
I checked:
	~/Library/Caches/Aquamacs Emacs/AutoSave
these had nothing relevant.

My environment  is mac mini OS X 10.9.3; Aquamacs 3.0a.

Any suggestions or explanation about this?

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