[OS X Emacs] Puzzle about quotes in LaTeX mode

Stephen Anderson sra at yale.edu
Thu Dec 31 15:09:38 EST 2015

Further exploration shows that a number of people have tried to solve this problem, which results from the determination of the babel package to control the insertion of quotation marks (among other things) on a language-specific basis.  I find lots of questions, but no (straightforward) answers. Short of either (a) not using babel, which I need for other things, or (b) modifying my copy of babel so it won’t do this, does anyone know any way to suppress this behavior on a file-specific basis? Unfortunately, in a bilingual (French and English) document, this happens even within the scope of \selectlanguage{english}.


Steve Anderson

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>> From: Stephen Anderson <sra at yale.edu>
>> Subject: [OS X Emacs] Puzzle about quotes in LaTeX mode
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>> Recently, and without warning, when I am typing in an Aquamacs buffer in LaTeX mode, I find that the ? key inserts ?\og ? (for open quote) and ?\fg{}? (for close quote), instead of ?``? and ???? respectively.
> This happens with auctex if your file contains "\usepackage[francais]{babel}?
> 					Marc

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