[OS X Emacs] Where should I look for .emacs (mentioned in help for Emacs) ?

Peter West lists at pbw.id.au
Wed Feb 25 16:59:36 EST 2015

You can turn on the display of hidden files in Finder with the commands

$ defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
$ killall Finder

Turn them off again with the same couple of commands, changing the TRUE to FALSE.

I've written shell scripts to do just this.

Did you read this in the Aquamacs manual?

"We recommend that user customizations be placed in Preferences.el in the Library folder (see Section 6.2). The usual /.emacsfile is still loaded for compatibility."

Per-user Preferences.el is in "~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs"

Peter West
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> On 26 Feb 2015, at 6:02 am, Thomas Käufl <kaeufl at online.de> wrote:
> Hi,
>> Am 25.2.2015 um 16:39 schrieb Christian Hoffmann <christian at echoffmann.ch>:
>> Maybe stupid question :-(
>> But I need to know the file corresponding to  .emacs, emacs.d, etc mentioned in help for Emacs.
> the file is „.emacs“ (and invisible when using the
> finder). It is in your home directory. „.emacs.d“ is a
> directory also in your home directory.
> Using Emacs you can visit „.emacs“ and the files in
> „.emacs.d“ in the standard way. Enter C-x C-f and
> then in the minibuffer the name. With C-x C-w you
> can copy „.emacs“ use a name like dot-emacs in order
> to get the copy visible in the finder.
> Thomas Käufl
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