[OS X Emacs] Avoid automatic indent in Fortran mode

Dany Page page at astro.unam.mx
Mon Jan 26 17:17:09 EST 2015

How can I completely eliminate automatic indentation in Fortran mode ?
What I want is that when I press <ENTER> it opens a new line and put 
the cursor in the first column, AND DO NOTHING ELSE !

(I press <ENTER> and it put 6 blanks in the new line, so very often I have to delete
these blanks. I press <ENTER> several times to open several blank lines and
the automatic indent makes that I break the lines below at the 6th column instead
of creating new blank lines. I press <ENTER> and the IF, ESLE IF, END IF,
or DO, ... in the previous line move around, i.e., get indented in some funny way …
so I have to go back to the previous line and readjust the indentation, ...
It all makes me extremely nervous to see Emacs modifying my code :)

Thanx for the help


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