[OS X Emacs] Print and word wrap mode

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Sun Jun 7 17:28:32 EDT 2015

On 6/7/15 Jun 7 -12:58 PM, Iliya Lefterov wrote:
> may not be the right answer… try:
> select each paragraph, and then unfill the region.
> i know it sounds counter productive, but this is one area with a huge
> difference between Emacs and Aquamacs…

Yes, this seems pretty bad.  E.g., this is a draft email, so doing the
above renders it unusable in a normal, wrapping email client.

Note that it's not that I need to unfill the region -- I need to *fill*
the region (or at least do the operation that emacs call "fill-region").

Yes, of course, I can undo the filling afterwards, to get back to my
flowed paragraphs, but this seems pretty unsatisfactory.

I can probably come up with a piece of emacs-lisp that does the required
filling and unfilling...

Also unsatisfactory:  neither the printing side of the equation nor the
editing side of the equation seem to provide information about text
width.  so it's not clear what line length I should choose for
set-fill-column in order to get something that will look good on the
printer.  The function string-width does not seem to take variable-width
fonts into account.  The documentation for char-width suggests that it
should, but using it interactively suggests not: (char-width ?o) and
(char-width ?l) both returned 1 in a buffer that uses a variable-width font.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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