[OS X Emacs] Print and word wrap mode

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Mon Jun 8 11:30:49 EDT 2015

My apologies.  This seems to be a problem with my configuration.

I suspect that this is because I have a copy of htmlize in org-mode that
is shadowing the built-in copy.

These two versions, unfortunately, seem to deviate quite extensively
when compared by "diff."  Looks like they may have deviated as early as

The last time I checked, the Aquamacs one didn't properly handle
org-mode, and now it seems that the org-mode one doesn't properly adapt
to print on the Mac. :-(

If anyone knows the source of the Aquamacs version, I could try to find
the patches that were applied, and then re-apply them to the upstream


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