[OS X Emacs] aquamacs startup problem

Marc Shapiro -- at work marc.shapiro at acm.org
Mon Mar 23 05:05:48 EDT 2015

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> Subject: [OS X Emacs] aquamacs startup problem
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> Lately I noticed that either seeing the edit window or having one CPU core in a spin has become a hit-or-miss. 

I have the same problem.  Starting up Aquatics will either bring up a window or hang forever, apparently randomly.

A couple of observations, which may or may not be relevant:
 - Hang occurs also without startup files.
 - The same problem occurs with ordinary Emacs.
 - Occurs extremely frequently on a MacMini 2011, hardly ever on a MacMini 2014.  In other words, seems to be related to the computer's speed (a timeout somewhere?).
 - Seems to occur more frequently on a MacMini with multiple screens, or if I move window focus.


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