[OS X Emacs] No window

Michi Oshima michi.oshima at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 14:47:35 EST 2016


When I start Aquamacs, I only get a menu bar and no window.  Could someone
help me get my window back?

This happened two days ago.  When I closed a long-running Aquamacs session
and start it again, I could no longer get a window to display.

I'd list the version info of Aquamacs here, but even the "About..." menu
doesn't work.  I'm fairly certain that I have the newest stable version of
Aquamacs, however.

I'm on a Late 2013 Macbook Pro with El Capitan 10.11.1.  I plug in two
extra monitors when I am at home.  And off and on when I switch between one
monitor and 3 monitors, I'd lose Aquamacs window.  I used to be able to
somehow get it back in the past, but this time I have no luck.

I wonder if there is a file I can delete to bring Aquamacs window in its
default position and size.

Thanks in advance.
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