[OS X Emacs] Touch-bar?

Peter Frings peter.frings at agfa.com
Tue Nov 22 12:05:52 EST 2016

Hi David,

> On 22 Nov 2016, at 16:17, David Reitter <david.reitter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Juergen,
> That’s a fair suggestion, but how are you going to like Emacs without a Meta key?
> The Esc key is gone, as is Fn.  
> Alt/Option is needed on pretty much all non-English keyboards that I know of for any programming work.  

As far as I understand, the ESC key is normally still there in the left-most area of the touchbar. And even though the button looks like it is inset a little, the area that responds to touch extents all the way to the left (aligned with the real keys).


The Fn key is still there and make the usual F1, F2, etc. “keys” appear on the touchbar, including the ESC key (in case the application has replaced the ESC area by something else). You can also mark Emacs as an application which requires the Fn keys.


The only difference with a normal keyboard would then be the feel of the keys. To be honest, the only keys in the Fn row I could reliably hit were those on the outer edges (mainly the ESC key); for all other Fn keys I had to look down.


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