[OS X Emacs] ESC-Backspace doesn't put word in kill ring -- odd behavior? (Aquamacs 3.3 on OS 10.11.6)

David Romano dromano at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 24 19:44:23 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I've been noticing some behavior that has been unexpected for me, so I'm
wondering whether I tripped a configuration setting inadvertently, or
something else is going on:  I'm used to expecting everything I delete --
either through Ctrl-k, or other word or character deletion variants -- to
be accessible afterward through Ctrl-y.  Now, however, I get a message
saying the kill ring is empty, so the only way to recover the text is
through an undo.  Is there a configuration setting change that could
explain this, or might something be going wrong?

Thanks for your help,
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