[OS X Emacs] Where do I put a file of my customizations (newbie)

Erik Husby mhusby at broadinstitute.org
Wed Aug 8 10:07:03 EDT 2018

Aquamacs has a manual accessed from the menu Help > Aquamacs Manual.

It will tell you how to customize it.

On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 8:46 AM Arjay <rjlilko at randing.ca> wrote:

> High Sierra/Mac Air:
> I am just switching over from PC to Mac emacs and I am trying to add a
> customization file “myconfig.el” to be called by Aquamacs. However I am a
> bit lost in the Mac file system and don’t know where I can put this or in
> which file I can put the “(load-file..” call. I have searched for
> site-start.el but it does not come up (this is a new installation). Can
> someone give me a tip as to what directories I should look in and whether I
> am supposes to create site-start.el and where it should go? I checked the
> fax and wiki but did not find my answer. Too simple I think. Thanks
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