[OS X Emacs] Merge All Frames from Preferences.el

Cuauhtémoc Salazar temok.mx at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 03:11:04 EDT 2019

Dear All,

Is there a piece of code I can add to Preferences.el in order to enforce  “Merge All Frames” at the start of Aquamacs?

It turns out that since I added 
   (find-file “path/to/file_1”)
   (find-file “path/to/file_2”)
to Preferences.el in order to open a couple of files at the start of Aquamacs it causes Aquamacs to open such files at different frames. So, I always have to use the mouse to do click on "Window > Merge All Frames”.

Or alternatively: is there a way to tell Aquamacs (via Preferences.el) to open such files on the same frame?

Thank you,
Best wishes,
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