[OS X Emacs] Delay opening HTML files from a shell

Braun, Michael braunm at mail.smu.edu
Thu Jun 6 23:14:11 EDT 2019


> I’m assuming you’re not getting this delay when opening a file from Finder, dragging/dropping onto the Aquamacs icon in the Dock, or when typing “open x.txt” from a shell in Terminal, correct?
> Again, I’d ask that you try to replicate with an Aquamacs started without configuration (Help->Diagnose), although I suspect this might just open the file in the Aquamacs that is already running with configuration.  In that case one would have to manually start it with “-q” from the command line or remove all config files.

I did both:  open with Help > Diagnose > Try Without Customizations, and aquamacs -q .  Same problem.  However, with the precompiled nightly build, the delay is considerably shorter: about 2 seconds instead of 6.  Still, opening a file from command line emacs is instant.


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