[OS X Emacs] Another problem with updating packages. AucTeX

Elliott Roper elliott at yrl.co.uk
Sat Nov 28 13:38:59 EST 2020

> On 28 Nov 2020, at 17:48, Win Treese <treese at acm.org> wrote:
>> On Nov 25, 2020, at 7:10 PM, Elliott Roper <elliott at yrl.co.uk> wrote:
>> On 25 Nov 2020, at 22:51, Peter Dyballa <Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE> wrote:
>>> I'd contact the maintainer of the AUCTeX site… (Maybe the public key has not been made public?)
>> I'll do that too. Not only is Mose Giordano's key not letting my GPG be happy with his signature on AucTeX 12.3,  a totally different different key ID which matches GNU ELPA Signing Agent does not check. And the error message looks like the install script of the ancient AucTeX has failed to get the key. I think I can re-find the trick to let GPG ignore the new security stuff, so I'll see if I can't put together a coherent report to Mose
> Hi, Elliott. I think the instructions you need can be pieced together from bug #166:
> https://github.com/aquamacs-emacs/aquamacs-emacs/issues/166
> Aquamacs 3.6 will have the updated current key. Sorry for the inconvenience.
> - Win
Thanks Win,

I logged an Emacs bug and Stefan Kangas sorted out my problem in a very similar way to issue 166

Here's the meat of his advice:
You are running a version of Emacs with an old key.  Please upgrade to
Emacs 26.3 or follow these instructions:

1. set package-check-signature to nil, e.g. M-: (setq
package-check-signature nil) RET
2. download the package gnu-elpa-keyring-update and run the function
with the same name, e.g. M-x package-install RET
gnu-elpa-keyring-update RET.
3. reset package-check-signature to the default value 'allow-unsigned

I am making progress with the doco, creating increasingly complex .tex files that will have the needs of Aquamacs docs in mind and working out how to get lwarp and its convert to html methods to co-operate with them. I am currently working on double column setting and long-table formatting.

I have not yet updated my production copy of the Aquamcs latest nightly with AucTeX 12.3 in case it messes up that work. (I only got Stefan's instructions this morning)

Also, is it fair to take the liberty of making Lucida Grande the sans font in the css settings?
I'm assuming most readers will be Mac users, and I have no Windows machine to test the html on.

Here is a pdf of my current test document. (I'm having a bit of a laugh, it is not intended to be public) but you will see what I mean about Lucida Grande.

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I am learning a lot more LaTeX and Emacs than I thought I needed to know, and I am starting on learning elisp for when I get round to the documentation proper. I feel that a simple section for beginners on those topics has a place, based on my own experience so far. For instance, finding one's way round the macro ring.


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