[OS X Emacs] How to successfully pass MacOS shortcuts out of aquamacs

Sandy C windoverwater at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 03:27:22 EDT 2020


When in aquamacs (when aquamacs as focus), pressing CMD-H will successfully hide aquamacs.  CMD-H is the default MacOS keyboard shortcut to hide the current application.  However, pressing CMD-ALT-H results in a "CMD-ALT-H is undefined" in the emacs message window.  CMD-ALT-H is the default MacOS keyboard shortcut to hide all other applications.

Turning off option as meta and repeating results in a "CMD-'" is undefined (though the actual character printed may not be a "'").

How does one tell aquamacs to successfully pass a "CMD-ALT-H" to the OS?  And by extension, how to pass other specific MacOS keyboard shortcuts to the OS?

Thanks much!  Tried googling but not much luck.


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