[OS X Emacs] problems: LaTeX + dvips+ps2pdf

Roussanka Loukanova rl.stpuu at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 17:49:32 EST 2021

Dear Win, Dear All,

I have some beamer presentations with drawings for which I use
They require typesetting via:

Aquamacs > Command > TeXing Options > Generate PDF
Aquamacs > Command > TeXing Options > DVI and PDF > dvips + ps2pdf

I used to typeset these presentations finely with Aquamacs, at least up to
a certain time in 2020. Now the typesetting produces wrong slides:

All beamer boxes get  their shadows in black, and the headers of the
theorem-like boxes are covered with black banners.  Below is a test file
and its pdf on my MacBook Air, macOS Big Sur V.11.2.2, TeXLife 2020, with
everything updated.

The same problem was by typesetting the files in TeXShop. I wrote to the
TeXShop list:
[OS X TeX] TeX and DVI in beamer problem

Herbert Schulz explained that the problem is in transparency with gs
9.53.3. Ghostscript version 9.51 and later (gs, ps2pdf) treat transparency
differently.  A new option has to be passed to ps2pdf to allow transparency.

Herbert Schulzand helped by some specially developed engines, pointed in
the Thread above. I downloaded them, installed, and now the typesetting
goes finely in TeXShop. Because my drawings are large, you can try with the
test file by Herbert Schulz, which I included in the above Thread too,
together with the content of the problematic .log.

I hope you can fix that in Aquamacs, or perhaps find and tell what option
and how to pass it to ps2pdf.

Best Regards,
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