[Mac OS X TeX] Xfig or like tool

Jack Skoda jskoda at ellacoya.com
Fri Dec 7 10:24:58 EST 2001

Hello MacOS X TeX listers:

 Brief intro time.  My name is Jack Skoda and I use LaTeX.  I've been hooked
on TeX and LaTeX since the late 80s.  One of my math professors clued me in
and I've used LaTeX for my writing needs ever since, even while finishing
a liberal arts writing degree.  Now I'm on to a MA in history of science
and technology and I'm wicked happy to using teTeX on my Mac!

 What do people use for xfig on the mac?  I'm downloading the Fink
package now but I don't want/need the whole distribution.  I'm just
looking for something to do illustrations in my thesis...

Jack Skoda <jskoda at ellacoya.com>            Ellacoya Networks
Senior Software Engineer                    www.ellacoya.com
"Adventure, excitement: a Jedi seeks not these things."

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